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Photo - Todd Rundgren At The Agora 1976 (Courtesy Of Janet Macoska)

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Apr 4th - Desert Rose Band (Kent Stage)

Apr 12th - Jimmy Thackery (Winchester Tavern)

April 16th - Tempast (Winchester Tavern)

May 1st - Ekoostik Hookah (Kent Stage)

May 2nd - Peter Wolf (Kent Stage)

May 3rd - Dave Mason (Kent Stage)


  • CD Review: Various Artists - Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life

    Various Artists


    As much as I want to take this at face value, it's hard to not at least wonder just how many times Wendy Dio is going to visit the Dio well and mine more material culled from his past work. There's already been multiple live releases, deluxe reissues, an officially sanctioned band playing the music of Dio...and now second tribute collection of music from people other than Dio performing his work (the first being Jorn Lande's DIO release). I'm almost expecting a release of special rare interviews or voice mails to come at this point. Still, it's their business what they put out, and ours to merely judge it. So that said, we now have RONNIE JAMES DIO: THIS IS YOUR LIFE. While it has some real heavyweights performing on it, it's pretty much like every other tribute album you'll get. It's a hodge podge of covers. Some are good. Some aren't. Big surprise, right?

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  • Dave Mason Coming To Kent Stage May 3rd

    Dave Mason Coming To Kent Stage May 3rd

    Take a journey back to the greatest days of rock with Dave Mason's sight and sound experience, Traffic Jam. 

    Join Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founder of the legendary band Traffic, Dave Mason for an evening of music history as he retraces the earliest days of his career with Traffic and the works that launched his successful solo career.

    Mason founded Traffic with Steve Winwood while both were still teenagers, and created music that would find its way into the hearts of generations of music lovers. He would go on to establish himself as a successful songwriter, guitarist and solo artist.

    Mason has penned dozens of hits, and his legendary guitar work has been linked with numerous other members of rock and roll elite, including Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, Rita Coolidge, Leon Russell, Ron Wood and Mama Cass Elliot.

    Dave's show at Playhouse Square in February sold out in pre-sale so don't miss out on this show!

     For information and tickets go to www.kentstage.org

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  • Peter Wolf Coming To Kent Stage May 2nd

    Peter Wolf Coming To Kent Stage May 2nd

    Peter Wolf has been known for decades as the dynamic leader of the J. Geils Band, with whom he showcased his talents on such hits as “Centerfold”, “Freeze Frame”, “Love Stinks” and “Musta Got Lost.”

    Wolf's musical roots precede rock ‘n’ roll and are inspired by his friendships and performances with such distinguished artists as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin and Van Morrison.

    His solo career has produced critically acclaimed recordings that include duets with legendary performers such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Merle Haggard, Aretha Franklin, Steve Earle and Neko Case.

    Together with his distinguished band, “The Midnight Travelers”, Wolf is known for his ability to create an intimate and personal connection with his audience.

     For information and tickets go to www.kentstage.org

  • CD Review: Boston - Life, Love & Hope



    Boston is one of those bands that, as a fan, has just been one of the most frustrating to follow. Their career has been so sporadic musically and so infrequent release-wise that they literally tanked their career for the sake of the creative musings of their leader, guitarist Tom Scholz. To be pretty honest, they haven't done anything that's been that great since the THIRD STAGE release, which came back in 1986. Following the death of vocalist Brad Delp, they seemed like they may just be over, but were resurrected in the live setting by Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet. Sweet has since left, but new vocalist Tommy DiCarlo seems to be a pretty good clone of Delp sonically. So, onward does the Boston spaceship sail.

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  • CD Review: Sammy Hagar - Sammy Hagar And Friends

    Sammy Hagar


    Without question, Sammy Hagar is one of those guys that for the most part can do no wrong with me. I'm a fan of Montrose. I'm a huge fan of his solo work early in his career. His version of Van Halen is my favorite era. Even his post Van Halen era, where he's settled into being a beach bum partier that just likes to write about drinking and partying, has been cool with me. Now though, Sammy Hagar has decided to test even my limits. Hagar has released SAMMY HAGAR & FRIENDS; a record that apparently is just him having a good time with friends. That's fine, but how about not billing back your hardcore fans for your good time party, Sam? While it's not horrible, it has no real use in the Hagar catalog. For me, I think I'd much rather see another Chickenfoot release or a serious effort with the Wabos instead of this mish mosh of songs that are pretty unnecessary to anyone but the guys performing on the songs.

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Poster Of The Week

  • Poster Of The Week

    Hall And Oates 1985 Cleveland Concert Poster

    In celebration of Hall And Oates being inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame here is the poster from their sold out Big Bam Boom show at the Richfield Coliseum on March 29, 1985.

    The Richfield Coliseum was an arena located in Richfield Township located roughly halfway between Cleveland and Akron Ohio. It hosted many concerts, with its first event being a concert by Frank Sinatra in 1974 and the last being a concert by Roger Daltry in 1994, which was also the last official event at the arena

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